Security Access Control

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Biometric Access Control

Enrolment Station
To issue cards to authorised personnel, the fingerprint enrolment station is connected to a user supplied PC. Using the card issuing software, the user’s fingerprint template is read by the enrolment station and programmed into the smart card, which is then activated in the access control system.

FGR006 FINGERPRINT & PROXIMITY SMART CARD READERFor applications that require a very high degree of security and control in an affordable package, DKS biometric access control is the perfect solution. DKS biometrics combine fingerprint ID with MIFARE速 smart card technology. This advanced design allows the fingerprint template to be stored in the memory of the smart card, eliminating extensive wiring and data storage / template management requirements and allows for portability. DKS biometric controls easily interface with existing controllers using a standard 26-bit weigand format.
DKFI 006 Fingerprint Reader

  • Built-in fingerprint and smart (Mifare速) card reader
  • 13.56 MHz
  • Reads fingerprint templates directly from the smart card
  • Less than 1-second verification time
  • Built-in 2 colour (red/green) LED and beeper

DKSM Mifare速 Smart Card Proximity Readers

  • DKSM 10 / DKSM
  • Up to 4″ read range
  • 13.56 MHz
  • Built-in 2 colour (red/green) LED and beeper
  • Weather proof epoxy potting

Keypad Access
The DKS 1500 series digital keypads provide basic access control for virtually any application where stand-alone digital code entry is desired. These vandal resistant keypads are designed for outdoor applications, use stainless steel faceplates, galvanised steel sub-plates and are housed in a rugged steel cabinet. Standard style units can be surface or post mounted while flush mount units are designed to be recessed into a wall or column. The 1504 series includes the keypad with an intercom sub-station enclosed in the same housing.
Inductive Ground Loop Model BX Controller
An inductive ground loop is usually installed on the interior of the driveway to allow vehicles to exit. Vehicles drive over the inductive ground loop which triggers the model 326 controller and this opens the automatic system allowing vehicles to exit. This automatic system will then close at a pre-programmed time, for example, three to ninety seconds later. Inductive ground loops can be used for entry and exit of vehicles and may also be used for safety loops to prevent road barriers or automatic gates closing on vehicles. Can be wired directly into CAM control panel – no extra transformers are required.
Magnetic Door and Gate Locks
DKS offers a wide range of high quality magnetic locks and mounting brackets to accommodate most access control locking requirements. Magnetic locks are vandal resistant and have no moving parts to wear out or break assuring a long life cycle. When wired to fire alarm systems, magnetic locks immediately release the door that they are securing, assuring that fire exit paths are open and meet NZPA life safety standards. Shear locks provide both a magnetic and mechanical connection to assure a superior lock and provide up to 2000 Lbs of holding force.
Our magnetic gate locks are designed for outdoor use to secure both pedestrian and vehicular automated gates. The 1200 Lb gate lock kit includes a lock and easy to install predrilled/tapped mounting brackets for both the magnetic lock and armature. Once the steel mounting brackets are welded in place, the magnetic lock and armature plate bolt to their respective bracket making installation, repair and replacement quick and easy.
Powerful Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
What is the difference between WDR of SV II and normal BLC?
The backlight compensation technology allows the camera to find the best picture conditions in any other environment and automatically gives a necessary light level compensation, so that users can always obtain the clear picture, the finest detail and perfect light contrast. But through the BLC function, the activating of zone area is focusing on the center of monitor occupying 20% of the full screen. Generally it is depending on the zone that was preset by the manufacturer. The focus image is clear but the other background image are dull.
Samsung Techwin’s SV II WDR technology helps to get detailed information of dark part without saturation of bright part. There is no limitation of zone area with the perfect backlight compensation, and the color image is crisper than any other BLC functions.
It combines two fields which are high shutter speed exposure in bright areas and low shutter speed exposure in dark areas into one composite image.


Motion Detection
The unit transmits alert signal when it detects a motion of an object on the screen. If the camera is connected with an external alarm, user can pay attention to the screen when it sounds alarm.
This feature is useful when user has to monitor several screens simultaneously. The area zone can be assigned by OSD setting with the sensitivity control. The areas can be set among the 48 area zones.

  • MD1: Detecting the motion by outline or difference of a color tone
    (Useful for daytime, bright area)
  • MD2: Detecting the motion by the variation of brightness
    (Useful for nighttime, dark area)
Privacy Image Masking with Free Position
For the protection of privacy, users can set a masking area up to four areas not to be under surveillance. It is free to set up an area position and size.